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Saturday, November 7, 2009

What inspires you to create?

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  1. My constant inspiration is my family. I create to get away from it all...LOL! Just kidding aside, my inspiration changes from time to time, today, I am inspired by the creative women who are featured in the blog Where Women Create. I am truly encouraged not only to create but to truly personalized my own work area to fit my personality. Doesn't matter if you only have a small table or a 20,000 square foot studio as one of the women featured, but to be able to let loose to transfer your imagination into your favorite medium is what its all about. I have recently set up two tables in my office space, one for my computer and office materials and another table where my creations are manifested. I surround myself with all things I consider to be happy, not necessarily peaceful or else I'll just fall asleep. I like to keep a balance of colors which makes my mind awake, like greens & turquoises, which gives me a refreshing feeling but yet I like to add raspberry and golds to make my area feels like home. Today, I'm truly inspired!


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